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Administrative service, Customer Service, Executive Virtual Assistant
Lead Generator / Data Analyst / Content Writer
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$7 per hour

Educational Attainment


40 hrs/wk

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I am an experienced system administrator, especially in real estate as well as lead management in the same industry. I am also beyond capable in content writing, more so in the field of academe and research as you can view from my experience. I maintained high client satisfaction on all of my research content development experience. On the other hand, I also have my share of expertise in data entry from being a data analyst. My excellent adaptability and versatility in my work and working environment is what allowed me to venture out different skills and expertise that I now contain. If your business or company is looking for the expertise that I all stated above, feel more than free to reach me out!



  • Human Resources Virtual Assistants
  • Insurance Virtual Assistants
  • Online Education Virtual Assistants
  • Property Management Virtual Assistants
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants


  • Administrative service
  • Customer Service
  • Executive Virtual Assistant

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