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Marketing Services
Virtual Assistant • Social Media Manager • Graphic Designer
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$3 per hour

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12 hrs/wk

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I am a freelancer who is passionate to provide my creative skills and ideas. I invested in learning the skills of a virtual assistant for me to deliver quality collaboration. 📌 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT is one of the things that I am passionate about. For the reason that I am also a business owner before, I am already familiar with the strategies that I need to do to boost your business or company. And, I worked before with social media influencers and I managed all of their social media accounts, including their YouTube channel. Furthermore, managing a Social Media account is not that easy especially if you are using your social media account not just for personal reason but you have a goal in building a community and brand with it. Engaging with your community or followers, updating posts regularly, and attracting your ideal audience, these are just some of the things that you have to consider in maintaining your social media account with a goal in mind and that's where my social media management service can assist you with. 📌GRAPHIC DESIGN is also one of the things I am passionate about. I love editing pictures, making presentation, making flyers and brochures, and designing a logo. These skills are not that easy as we imagined, but when you are happy by doing it, the result of your work will surely turn into beautiful. And with these skills I have, I can assist you with your plans and ideas. Let's make your imagination into reality. 📌APPOINTMENT SETTING is also one of the things that I want to practice. I love socializing with others as I know how to build a rapport with people that I am going to speak with because I am a Registered Social Worker by profession. Also, I am aware that setting an appointment is not an easy job, but what I love about my self is that I am eager to learn and enthusiastic for me to grow as a virtual assistant. Other skills and specializations: ✔️Social Media Engagement ✔️Email Marketing/Management ✔️Presentation Design ✔️Graphic Design ✔️Appointment Setter Software Tools that I am using: ✔️Google Workspace ✔️Hootsuite ✔️Buffer ✔️Airtable ✔️Canva 💌 If you need my help, please unlock my profile and contact me anytime. 



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  • Marketing Services

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