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Administrative service, Customer Service, Executive Virtual Assistant, Prospecting Services
Virtual Assistant
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$8 per hour

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20 hrs/wk

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Professional with experience in administrative duties, and inside sales, including prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting, social media marketing, graphic design, and video editing. Hardworking and self-motivated. I have worked as an Executive Virtual Assistant for a North Carolina-based real estate agency and as an Inside Sales Associate for a Georgia-based real estate agency, and a Sales Development Representative for a US-based insurance firm. I have a degree in food technology and have worked as a quality assurance officer and supervisor for different food manufacturing facilities, assisting them in upholding and promoting food safety procedures as well as engaging in laboratory analysis for food and the environment. I'm a motivated individual with exceptional abilities to operate both independently and in teams, bringing an outstanding work ethic and organizing abilities to any situation. I am able to concentrate on tasks without any help.



  • Healthcare Virtual Assistants
  • Accounting Virtual Assistants
  • Property Management Virtual Assistants
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants


  • Administrative service
  • Customer Service
  • Executive Virtual Assistant
  • Prospecting Services

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