Administrative service

Administrative Virtual Assistants can cover the basics of all admin tasks. This position will allow you to leverage an actual Virtual Assistant to address your daily routine and office tasks associated with running your business.

Customer Service

A Customer Virtual Assistant provides answers to customer questions and address the problems and complaints they may have. This includes providing technical support, explaining how products work, and resolving issues for customers who are unhappy with their products, services received, or the amount they were billed. These VA's can offer customer support system via phone, email, or messaging to ensure your name and brand maintains an outstanding reputation.

Executive Virtual Assistant

Executive Virtual Assistants are a great addition to your business and can act as a manager for your business. These assistants are skilled professionals who provide administrative tasks, prospecting, marketing campaigns, technical, and creative support to our clients. They can also act as a Director of Operations manager, help coordinate team members via email/messaging platforms and ensure notifications, reminders, follow-ups, are happening as necessary.

Marketing Services

Marketing Virtual Assistants are experienced specialists who specialize in the duties of a digital marketing which include performing administrative tasks, conducting market research, updating databases, creating marketing flyers, content writing, obtaining images and video for your company's social media site and web page. This VA brings an outstanding value to Employers to boost existing marketing outreach and increasing their online presence.

Prospecting Services

Virtual Telemarketing Assistants is one of the most popular VA services requested by Employers. They are responsible for talking to potential customers on the phone to sell products or solicit for new business to grow your client database. Their duties include tracking customer contact lists, making outbound sales calls, conducts lead generation and customer follow-ups on your behalf, explaining the benefits of your products & services to set more appointments, so you can focus on more relevant tasks. They can assist in keeping your name and brand top of mind.

Transaction Coordinator

Real estate transaction coordinator manages contracts throughout the selling and buying process. They are responsible for keeping up with and completing escrow paperwork, scheduling repairs, inspections, assisting with proper compliance is in place for offers and counteroffers that are approved within a timely manner. Besides real estate transaction coordination and whether you are in sales or marketing, our well versed VWA's are experienced in a variety of other industries which requires the coordination of transactions. These include but are not limited to clients, agents, title offices, lenders, and more.

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