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Customer Service, Marketing Services
Expected Payout

$4 per hour

Educational Attainment

High school diploma


20 hrs/wk

Experience Overview

Basic Information


Hello there! My name is Julia 33 yo and I've been a Customer Service Representative over 8 years. My first customer service/technical support experience is with Uverse. We assist customers with technical,billing and account inquiry may it be changes or just general information. After 6 years, I transferred to Telus which is also a Telco Company. My role is Customer Service Representative and also we are required to pitch sales on every applicable calls. I am very proud to say that my Customer Satisfaction Survey is always ranging from 90% to 100%. I always make sure that concerns are resolved of not addressed and makes courteous follow ups if needed. Right now I am a Virtual Assistant for a Financial Advisor. I am providing round the clock assistance to his existing clients. Pretty much my Customer Service skill is still beneficial to function as an effective assistant. I am very excited to apply as a Customer Service Representative for your company, I have acquired relevant skills and experience which I can contribute to the growth of your company. I can rest assure you that I will handle and assist clients with excellent customer service. For me customers always comes first. Thank you for your time and consideration.


  • Research
  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Excel
  • Personal Assistant
  • Customer service
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills


  • Healthcare Virtual Assistants
  • Insurance Virtual Assistants
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistants


  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Services

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